Product Reviews

Opmod Tac Pack 3.0

OPMOD_PACKS I’ve handled a LOT of backpacks over the years and I’ve narrowed my products to just a few lines. The Opmod (by OpticsPlanet) packs are some of the nicest packs I’ve seen for the money. Before purchasing these for inventory, I spent a lot of time on the forums reading people’s opinions of the pack. Very positive!  Here is what Optics Planet has to say about the packs:

Made using a heavy duty denier construction, the OPMOD TAC PACK Limited Edition Tactical Backpack is a great way to haul your gear when you’re on the go! We’re always striving to improve our gear, and the current edition of the OPMOD tactical pack has been upgraded with even stronger stitching and improved fabrics. You can seriously load up the equipment with this backpack – it’s got a massive clamshell-opening main compartment that zips shut using a refined and updated zipper and pull system, a slot for a water reservoir so it can double as a hydration pack, and a whole lot of accessory pockets (6 total). This is a full-fledged military backpack. Need to tack on some additional pouches or gear? No problem – the OPMOD Heavy Duty Backpack comes loaded with MOLLE attachment points on the front pockets and on the bottom. If you’re hiking long distances, this OPMOD Pack will keep you moving in comfort with its padded shoulder straps, and it will take the load off your back with its waist and sternum straps. The pack also includes two adjustable compression straps on each side of the back pack, and carry handle straps on the top and on both sides of the back pack. The OPMOD Tactical Pack is a tough cargo bag that will keep your gear ready to move when you are.

Skulls Camo Pattern folding pocket / utility knife
This 8-1/4″ Skulls Camo folding knife by BarTech Pro and Barton Blades has a 3″ blade. The handle has black and silver skulls and the blade is a smooth solid black. This liner lock knife comes complete with a clip for easy transportation and a thumb flip knob. The stainless steel blade flips open smoothly and easily with a flick of your thumb.

This little knife is very well made and the material used in the manufacturing process are high quality. I’ve sold a lot of these little knives at gun and militaria shows. They are perfect for home and as a utility knife. The blade is 440 stainless steel so it won’t rust on you. The liner lock holds the blade securely when it is open. The skulls camo pattern is a different take on the grayscale digital camo that is popular on knives, packs, clothing.

Bartech Pro and Barton Blades are quality producers of knife products. Bartech Pro knives are used and trusted by police officers, firefighters, the military, and emergency medical services (EMS) personel all over the world.

Our price is just 9.95 plus mailing. The retail price is actually 24.95. This is just one of the cool knives available on the website.

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